Custom Microarray Printing Services

Custom microarray printing and assay development

Custom microarray printing and assay development

With the provision of Arrayjet Advance customers are given access to scientists with over 100 years' combined microarray experience, ensuring complete, innovative and flexible solutions for bespoke assay development.  Beginning with visionary proof-of-concept studies, the Arrayjet Advance team will guide you in optimising your project for high-throughput custom microarray printing.

The Arrayjet advantage

Outsourcing to Arrayjet Advance enables assays to be optimised and easily scaled for mass manufacture, with benefits including:

  • Cost-effective project completion
    Unrivalled printing speeds save time; inkjet technology minimises sample use
  • Minimal assay development risks
    Arrayjet scientists are experienced with all types of technology transfer
  • Reliable data acquisition
    Reproducible printing eliminates the need for costly and timely repeat printing
  • Complete microarray data analysis
    Provided in detail by Arrayjet's in-house bioinformatics team
  • Faster project start times
    In-house engineers minimise instrument down time; development teams create bespoke software
  • Project completion by teams working to ISO 13485:2016
    Quality controlled laboratories and class 10k clean room printing environments as standard

In working with hundreds of clients, Arrayjet Advance scientists developed the skills to advise on a multitude of microarray applications including, but not limited to:

Arrayjet remain open to any novel ideas to further test their technology.  Use the Contact Us form to request advice for your project.

From R&D discovery assays to diagnostic chip production, Arrayjet scientists are qualified to advise on all aspects of multiplex array production including:

As part of it's contract research service, Arrayjet provides customers with detailed protocols for approval prior to printing.  A complete report is supplied after every print run and batch printing records are available upon request, ensuring complete transparency and traceability.